Monday, January 11, 2010

Coming to Church of the Saviour in September...

From Westminster Seminary:
Change is inevitable. And when the unpredictability of tomorrow consumes our hearts, with insatiable tyranny, it devours any sense of stability, confidence, and peace. A violent and merciless master, change relentlessly erodes the very things to which we cling for confidence and assurance.

But there is good news, indeed, great news. Into that tumultuous world, God has spoken. His unbreakable words yield strength, hope and stability, and as the very words of God, Scripture grants us full confidence for today, tomorrow...forever.

Westminster Theological Seminary's conviction is that this revealed, self-attesting Word of God must ground and shape all human thought, and that this Word, centered on Jesus Christ the Eternal and Incarnate Word, bears absolute authority in defining, understanding and defending all issues of life in a changing world.

This is the need of the hour - a fresh word on the revealed Word.

Please make plans to participate at one of the 2010 Full Confidence Conferences led by Westminster faculty, and hosted by churches and WTS alumni and friends in cities throughout the United States.

The Full Confidence Conference for the Philadelphia area will be held at Church of the Saviour September 24-26, 2010.

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