Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Walking Away From God

As someone who loves music and is currently preaching through Hebrews I found the story of David Bazan compelling and sad. Bazan is a singer/songwriter who formerly fronted the Christian indie band Pedro the Lion. This article takes a look at his journey away from faith.

I am wondering what you would say to Bazan if you had the chance to talk to him.

What might the inspired writer of Hebrews say?

* Note, the article to which I link does have a few obscenities.


toothdoc said...

You might put a warning that the article is pretty raw - be careful where you read it.

Mike said...


...not sure what I might say to Bazan but (as you probably can imagine) I can relate to where he is coming from...not able to hold on and not able to let go...not an easy place to be.

What I find fascinating is not another Christian who has lost faith, but rather the crowd's response...

"By the time he finishes those lines I can see half a dozen people crying; a woman near me is trembling and sobbing. Others have their heads in their hands. Many look stunned, but no one leaves. When the song ends, the applause is thunderous."

What does this say? I suppose there are many explanations for a response like this but the question I have is does it reflect more of a deep-seated sense of doubt among evangelicals than we might like to admit...perhaps, but that is speculation. I don't know.

Some of us hold onto to faith by a thread. Smoldering wicks looking for a wind to fan the flame but not finding it in the things that we are told are sure to reignite us.

It sounds to me that Bazan has not totally lost faith yet but he has clearly looked beyond the room of christianity. There is probably not much one could say to him as most christian rhetoric would seem like another nail in the coffin of any faith he may have left. This is his journey and one he must travel for himself.

Joel said...

Hi Todd,
This is a good, frank interview that goes even deeper into Bazan's reasons...

(Plenty of profanity in this one, too.)