Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Can God be Trusted?

During Church of the Saviour's search for a senior teaching pastor Dr. David Garner was frequently called upon to fill the pulpit. He was a blessing to COS. Dr. Garner is Associate Professor of Theology and Vice President for Advanement at Westminster Theological Seminary. On September 10th David delivered the keynote address at the WTS 2009 convocation.

He asks the question, "Can God be Trusted?" Listen to it HERE.

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DreamCamelot said...

Thanks for the recommendation – an excellent sermon, and well-worth hearing. He spoke to some of the themes that you’ve addressed in your Hebrews series. His closing remarks regarding the Word of God were especially timely (given modern challenges to the accuracy of Scripture) and provide an excellent warning/rebuke to those who would put their experience or personal views above Scripture.