Friday, May 15, 2009

Tim Chester's Latest Book

Tim Chester's newest book "The Ordinary Hero" has been released in the UK and will be released in the U.S. soon.

Here's the outline:

Part One: The pardon of the cross – humble confidence
1. How do you know God loves you?
2. Will God’s love stand up in court?
3. Humility
4. Confidence

Part Two: The practice of the cross – sacrificial service
5. The way of Jesus = the way of the cross
6. Everyday martyrdom
7. The value of Jesus
8. The way of the cross = the way of joy

Part Three: The pattern of the cross and resurrection – suffering followed by glory
9. No glory without the cross
10. Bondage followed by liberation
11. Hiddenness followed by revelation
12. Suffering followed by glory

Part Four: The power of the resurrection – power to be weak
13. Resurrection power, freedom and life
14. Power to be weak
15. Freedom to serve, life to die
16. The Spirit of resurrection

Part Five: The promise of the resurrection – adventurous hope
17. A renewed world of life
18. A world of justice, joy and love
19. A world worth living for and a world worth dying for
20. The adventure of hope
Conclusion – My hero of the cross and resurrection

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