Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Politicians - Stop Using Jesus!

Nothing against them but Jesus was NOT a community organizer (whatever that is). He is Messiah, King, Lord, Servant, Sacrifice, and Savior. He did not come to make bad men good or good men better. He came to make dead men live.

I wish that politicians would stop dragging the name of Jesus through the political sewer. It is fine for a politician to profess faith in Christ (if it's genuine) but beyond that they should give expression to their faith by how they lead and serve. Their dalliances into theology are embarrassing at best, blasphemous at worst.

I am convinced that if Jesus walked the earth today He would refuse to associate himself with any political party. He would not campaign for Democrats or Republicans. It's quite possible that Jesus would prepare a whip just in case any of these yo yo's came into a church spouting their sentimental and self-aggrandizing platitudes.


rsimmons said...

Well said, I have been yelling at my radio all week.

Jake said...

I was thinking today what it would look like if Christ took a walk into wall street. I am sure that whip would be put to good use.

rmkton said...

Agree that politicians should stop using religious terminology that tries to invoke the transcendent to make themselves (or their ideas) seem bigger than what they really are.

Regarding community organizers...weren't Susan B. Anthony and Martin Luther King, community organizers?

Todd Pruitt said...

Pol Pot and Al Sharpton can be called community organizers as well. You can find good and bad community organizers, governers, pastors, and parents.

My comments were pointed at that ridiculous politician who sought to compare Barak Obama to Jesus and Sarah Palin to Pontius Pilate. Ludicrous!