Tuesday, September 16, 2008

The Church of England Apologizes to...Charles Darwin!

Just when you thought the near vaudevillian atmosphere in the Anglican Communion couldn't get worse they go one better. Now they have issued an apology to Charles Darwin. Do they know he's dead? You can read an article about it HERE.


At-The-Water-Cooler said...

I've linked to your post from Apology from the Church of England for Rejecting Evolution

Noel said...

"Professing to be wise they became fools."

rmkton said...

not so fast...admit that the method seems to be more than slightly absurd (apologizing to a dead guy) but what is the real point that is trying made here? (albeit poorly). The Anglican church is embracing evolution...realizing the mistake they made regarding Galileo's work. What is wrong with that? While the apology seems rather stupid...let's not reject the point because of a straw man argument against the method.


Todd Pruitt said...


Darwinian evolution is a house of cards. It is held to with the fervency of religious dogma in some scientific circles. The open secret however is that many within the scientific community have privately and in some cases publically questioned the ongoing validity of Darwin's hypothesis.

Even the great evolutionist from Harvard, Stephen J. Gould admitted to having troubling questions about Darwinism.

Darwinism is far from a monolith. While publically revering Darwin, many scientists have been carefully decontructing him for some time. There was simply too much that Darwin did not know or have access to at his time like the science of micro-biology.

Darwinists should admit that their commitment to natural selection has all the earmarks of religious faith.

rmkton said...

Agree that some of Darwin's points relied on the science and thinking of his time however you will not find, in the general scientific community, dispute about the basic premises of evolution despite some unanswered questions. In fact I would go so far as to say that human evolution, perhaps in our life time, will be an undisputable fact so that those who think otherwise will look like the religious establishment that believed the world was flat. Our clinging to literal biblical notions of creation are doing the Christian faith a great disservice.