Friday, September 19, 2008

Out of Pocket

I am taking the next few days off. I'll be back in touch sometime after the weekend.




prof-tom said...

I agree! God is neither Republican or Democrat, for sure. I wish the Church would learn that cozying up to power, while attractive in the short run, is a sure fire flawed and failed strategy. The world's power sources are corrupting, and compromise the prophetic witness of Christ's body.

Regarding "community organizing (whatever that is)", while I imagine its been practiced for longer than we know, Saul Alinsky is generally credited for giving the idea form and definition. Last year the Washington Post (3/25/07) ran an article characterizing it as "street level democracy" employed to help the poor and the forgotten organize to express their voice. Whether or not Jesus practised community organizing is debatable, but I think perhaps the early church did when they perceived an injustice and organized to enable their Greek widows to be fed and cared for.

Todd Pruitt said...

I stand by my comment that Jesus absolutely not a "community organizer." There is ZERO testimony of this in Scripture. Neither were the apostles community organizers. They were shepherds of the church. They certainly organized but not in the style of Saul Alinsky who is an example of the worst kind of street level politics.