Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Some Thoughts on the SBC annual meeting

Ben Wright has posted his impressions of the SBC's annual meeting. I think he makes some important observations. I hope someone is listening.


Kelly Randolph said...

Thanks for the link to this post. It confirms some of the serious problems we have discussed about the SBC. I am thankful for churches like Metro East which don't just value the Scriptures on paper but in practice as well.

Last time I went to the convention (in New Orleans several years ago) one of the members of New Song got up and sang a song to an old Motown tune (Sugar Pie Honey Bunch)with the words changed to "Jesus Christ, Son of God, you know I love you..." I knew then that we were in trouble.

Todd Pruitt said...


The example you cite is very illustrative of our problem as a denomination. There is very little biblical discernment.

In the article to which I linked, the author makes a very important observation - Many of the leaders in our denomination were schooled in our seminaries during the liberal/moderate heyday. They held on to conservatism but never learned theology under teachers that held to a strong confessional theology. Neither did they learn a coherent, gospel-centered hermeneutic. The results have been "conservative" but sloppy preaching and theology.

The bright side is that we may well be seeing a light at the end of the tunnel. However, it may mean a fundamental change in the SBC which could be distressing to many in the "old guard."