Tuesday, June 24, 2008

God's sovereign goodness in the death of His beloved

Please take time to read this post from Tim Challies. It is a letter written by Dennis Rainey concerning the death of his baby granddaughter. It is a model of the mysterious wedding of grief mixed with joy which is only possible in Christ. It is a moving meditation on the sovereign goodness of God even in the midst of our deepest losses.


Noel said...

i'm going to ask the unthinkable...and as i ask it, i do believe that Molly is in heaven, but where does the bible say this? I'm really struggling with this issue. (I'm studying Romans 5 and the imputed sin issue which is making me question this notion of all babies going to heaven)

Todd Pruitt said...


It is really is okay to ask that question. For those who would chastise you for even asking it I would warn them to not let sentimentality guide their theology. Universalists use the very same reasoning to justify their belief that everyone is going to heaven.

That said, John MacArthur and John Piper have both written some good stuff on the topic. I would direct you to www.desiringgod.com and search under "babies in heaven". I think you will find it helpful.