Friday, June 13, 2008

Christianity Astray

Christianity Today, founded by Billy Graham and Carl Henry (one of the 20th century's greatest theologians) is hardly even a reflection of its former self. One C.T.'s latest embarassments is a positive review it offered to the film "Sex And The City." Check out these three important responses to C.T.'s absurdity here, here, and here.


Tellit2day said...

hmmm. In 6 years of doing interviews, the only one to ever misrepresent me was Christianity Today. I've talked with other Christian leaders who have said the very same thing about that magazine. Wonder what is up with them?? Gracia

Gracia Burnham

Todd Pruitt said...


Good question. I used to be a subcriber but I noticed a troubling drift in CT. Among other things they have been way too cozy with the Emerging Church movement.

C.T. used to be a good means for advancing evangelical doctrine. It was clearly confessional in its orientation. But now it's pretty mushy.