Sunday, November 25, 2007

More on God's commitment to His glory

Recently, New Testament scholar Ben Witherington has criticized John Piper and the forthcoming "New Testament Theology" by Tom Schriener. Justin Taylor provides a link to a brief but helpful response to Witherington by Piper (Piper Responds to Witherington). Inexplicably, Dr. Witherington challenges the notion that God acts primarily to magnify Himself. I say, "inexplicably" because do not the Scriptures clearly affirm God's commitment to the furthering of His glory? Witherington calls this simply a projection of our own narcisism upon God. What he does not understand (astonishingly) is that of all beings in the universe God is the only One worthy to seek His glory. Indeed, it is a positive good for God to seek His own glory.


Adam Parker said...

Witherington's position is somewhat inexplicable, but I think he teaches at Asbury which - if I remember right - is a methodist school. I've still never heard an Arminian say that God doesn't do everything he does for his glory, so I'm a bit surprised.

Todd Pruitt said...


Yes. Witherington does teach at Asbury and does describe himself as an Arminian.

I am disapointed by his tone. It seems to me like he is attacking Schriener, Piper, etc. But this is a window into the thinking of Arminians. They cannot abide a God who is truly sovereign and acts supremely to uphold and show forth His glory.

To my Arminian brothers and sisters I say, "Your God is too small. He is too much like man."