Friday, November 9, 2007

George Lucas would be proud

Paul Lamey has posted what may be one of the most profoundly funny things I have ever seen.

Jason, I'm thinking Sunday morning special! Perhaps we could get her to do something along these same lines with "Amazing Grace."


casebo said...

Todd, my wife has that exact outfit and has been looking for an outlet to wear the outfit. :) I'm sure she'd be willing to offer her "sacrifice of praise." Just let us know at least 15 minutes in advance. :) (She keeps it in the trunk of the car...for emergencies.)

Todd Pruitt said...


We'll get it scheduled. I'm thinking that a claranet might be a more convincing gun.

Jolly said...

I'll be sure and get that scheduled just as soon as I get that handbell choir I've been working with off the ground.

Dale Folsom said...

And this is posted under "Tools for Growth"?!!

Todd Pruitt said...


I found the performance personally helpful as I am working on my own routine to be revealed at a later date.