Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Serious error from a silly gathering

If a group of hippies gather in the North Carolina woods do they make a sound? Well, thanks to twitter and blogging they do. They even caught the attention of The Economist.

About a week ago a group of people who are terribly sad they missed the 60's gathered to celebrate homosexuality, beer, tattoos, pagan rituals, bad art, and recycling, under the banner of The Wild Goose Festival.

I am not exactly sure why some of them still refer to themselves as Christian but I suppose old habits are hard to break. It even gave Frank Schaeffer another chance to denounce evangelicals and their love affair with that ancient mythical collection of writings some of us call "the Bible."

Anyway, when you get a chance check out The Economist's brief but accurate description of the disastrous little camp out in the woods.


Mark W. said...

I can't say "Phyllis Tickle" without giggling.

Sergius Martin-George said...

I love the first sentence of the fourth paragraph: "Several disillusioned evangelical leaders attended."

Todd Pruitt said...

Mark - I feel your pain. But if her name makes you giggle, listening to her will make you laugh outright.

S M-G - One of very many serious understatements.

Belle Geary said...


What is going on in our country as typified by the “Wild Goose Festival” breaks my heart and we need to stand against all such heresy, however, I am not sure how mocking them and furthers the Gospel.


Todd Pruitt said...

Actually there is a fine history of mocking false teachers. Elijah mocked the prophets of Baal. Paul mocked the Judaizers at Galatia and the "super apostles" at Corinth.

We also see this in church history. Sometimes absurdity must be mocked rather than taken seriously.

Mike said... ugly, self-righteous expression no matter how you slice it.

case.jess said...

("In these modern days . . . poets are so plentiful that it is almost impossible to fling a brick in any public place without damaging some stern young singer" [78]),

case.jess said...