Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Good resources on Ruth

This Sunday I will begin preaching a five week series of sermons through Ruth.

The following are some excellent resources on Ruth. And, yes, I am stealing the title of Sinclair Ferguson's little book for my sermon series.

Esther and Ruth by Iain Duguid

Faithful God by Sinclair Ferguson

The Message of Ruth by David Atkinson


Sean said...

Will these be available to purchase after the services on Sunday, Pastor Todd? (Like you did with the books for the "God's Great Story" series.)

Thanks. Looking forward to the series.


Sean said...

Also... if someone was to force your hand to pick up only one of these books… which would it be?

Todd Pruitt said...

Unfortunately, we won't be able to have them available at church.

For great devotional reading I'd go with "Faithful God."

For small groups, the guide by Tim Chester is excellent.

For personal study I'd go with "The Message of Ruth" by Atkinson.