Thursday, September 16, 2010

Science and Faith

Over the last two months or so I have posted a number of times on the relationship between science and faith. For the most part those posts have been in response to the errors of Biologos. The folks at Biologos, who are I am sure h0norable people, are not truly interested in reconciling science and faith. To the contrary. Their project is to subordinate God's revelation in Scripture to the word of contemporary scientific theory. Their approach to "reconciling" the creation account in Genesis to science is to simply say that the Word of God errs (and quite badly at that).

But all is not lost. There are some men out there who are doing some excellent work in the intersection of the Bible and modern science. Tops on my list is John Collins of Covenant Seminary in St. Louis.

Dr. Collins has been trained in the sciences (MIT), theology, and biblical languages (Evangelical Lutheran Seminary & University of Liverpool). So Collins is able to comment as an insider on both faith and science.

I commend his books to you.

Also, Crossway is due to release Dr. Collins latest book which supports the historicity of Adam and Eve and the Fall.


Denise said...

Besides Collins' books, what other resources would you recommend?


Todd Pruitt said...

Definitely "Redeeming Science" by Poythress. Dr. Poythress is another one of those guys who, like Collins, is trained in the sciences and biblical languages.

Also, Berlinski is excellent in demonstrating the intellectual bankruptsy of the new atheists and their appeal to science as being incompatible with religious faith -"The Devil's Delusion"

There are other great books out there on general apologetics. But strictly on the relationship of science and a full confidence in Scripture as God's Word, Collins and Poythress are my favorite.

How about you? What would you add to the list?

Harley A. said...

"Who Made God" - Edgar Andrews

Edgar Andrews said...

Thank you A. Harley for mentioning my book "Who made God? Searching for a theory of everything". This book has become even more relevant since Stephen Hawking published his latest (and atheistic) book "The Grand Design" earlier this month (it hit #1 on the New York Times best-seller list). Remarkably, my book published a year ago actually anticipates, examines and refutes most of Hawking's anti-God arguments. That's not because I have a crystal ball but because Hawking and his co-author actually say nothing new! But "Who made God?" is a complete response to Hawking and is already on the market.