Thursday, September 2, 2010


That is the subject of the latest issue of the Nine Marks Journal.


Pastoral Perspectives on Hell

Mark Dever, Pastoral Fearmongering, Manipulation, and Hell
Our culture sneers at fear, as if there really is nothing to fear but fear itself. Yet Jesus told people to fear hell, and pastors today should do the same.

Kevin DeYoung, There’s Something Worse than Death
The doctrine of hell is ballast for our ministries, which will help us sail straight toward our most urgent task: proclaiming the gospel.

Sinclair Ferguson, What Then Shall We Preach on Hell?
Hell is an awful and overwhelming reality. Yet where Scripture speaks, pastors must not be silent. Here’s some practical help for this demanding calling.

Hell in Biblical and Theological Perspective

Greg Gilbert, Why Hell Is Integral to the Gospel
Some think that by minimizing or ignoring hell, they are making God more glorious and more loving. Far from it! The horror of what we have been saved from only intensifies the glory and wonder of our salvation.

Andrew David Naselli, Hellfire and Brimstone: Interpreting the New Testament’s Descriptions of Hell
The New Testament graphically and horrifically describes hell, which raises a thorny question: how should we interpret those dreadful images?

James M. Hamilton Jr., How Does Hell Glorify God?
Hell glorifies God by vindicating his holiness and faithfulness to his word, demonstrating his infinite worth, and magnifying his mercy and love toward the redeemed.

Gavin Ortlund, An Annotated Bibliography on Hell


Charlie said...

Let me reccommend a great audio resource on this topic. A series of talks by R.C.'Dick' LUCAS from 1996 called
'Jesus's Teaching on Hell', which can be downloaded free at

Charlie said...

Oops, there is a new link for that talk, use this one instead and you wont have to register or anything.

Todd Pruitt said...

Thanks Charlie. Big fan of Lucas.