Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Whither Evangelicalism?

Okay, so I'm posting more from Al Mohler. In this truly important address (8/24/2010) to the graduating students of Southern Baptist Theological Seminary Dr. Mohler deals with the increasingly amorphous nature of evangelicalism.

Denny Burk writes of the address:
In particular, Dr. Mohler notes that the doctrine of inerrancy is now up for grabs again. So is Christ’s penal substitutionary atonement, the exclusivity of Christ’s saving work, and a host of other moral and doctrinal concerns. In this context, he calls Southern Baptists to three ideals:

1. Theological Integrity – Southern Baptists must be both a “centered” and a “bounded” movement.

2. Gospel Clarity – Southern Baptists must be clear about the gospel and the necessity of conversion.

3. Biblical Authority – Southern Baptists must not abandon inerrancy, even though many in broader evangelicalism are. In this point, Mohler takes on Peter Enns, Kenton Sparks, and others at the Biologos site. [His full response to Karl Giberson should be published on his website very soon.]

This is an important, programmatic address given by a leading statesman for the cause of the gospel. Give it a close listen.
Watch or Listen to the address HERE.

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