Sunday, August 29, 2010

By Whose Authority?

Great post from Phil Johnson over at Pyromaniacs on a sermon preached by Lloyd-Jones in 1969. The point of Lloyd-Jones remarks is that the church is yielding to pressure from the cultured despisers of Christianity by rejecting those passages of Scripture and doctrines which they do not approve of.

These words from the sermon could not be more timely:

The Christian church in her utter folly during this present century has been recognizing a new authority. And the new authority of course is the man of knowledge, the man of culture, and particularly the man of scientific knowledge. And the church has been at great pains to do everything she can to please this new authority.

This man of learning must never be offended. And in order to please him and duplicate him, the church has been ready to take things out of the Bible. She rejects and throws out the whole of the first three chapters of Genesis, much of the other history, throws out all the miracles . . . She'll throw out anything in order to make her message pleasing and acceptable to this new authority—the man of knowledge, the man of learning, the man of science.
Check out Phil's post HERE.

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