Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Discussion on Eschatology

Check out this great discussion on eschatology between John Piper, Doug Wilson, Jim Hamilton, and Sam Storms.

Justin Taylor has posted a helpful critique of premillennialism from Sam Storms HERE.


rmc said...

Interesting stuff but I am being incredibly blessed reading Randy Alcorn's book on heaven. I think this is the most neglected major doctrine of the Bible and the reason I and so many other Christians have been so ignorant of what awaits us in eternity on the new earth is that we spend too much time on these millennial theories and never get past them to serious meditation of what awaits us in eternity. When am I going to hear a really good sermon on heaven, the new earth? I don't think I have ever heard one. One thing for sure, the devil doesn't want us thinking about heaven.

case.jess said...

Todd, I just watched this entire video yesterday. Three views represented by three great men. It was very good for me to see these guys interact the way they did. There was much agreement in the midst of their differences. Piper's moderation was hilarious at times.