Thursday, October 15, 2009

Carl Trueman on Puritan Spirituality

I have a deep appreciation for the Puritans. They have been misunderstood and maligned. In recent decades however the Puritans have experienced a resurgence. They were not nearly the killjoys that they have often been portrayed to be. Certainly they were people of their time and cared deeply about holiness. They were also a sober minded lot. After all, living in 17th century Europe tended to acquaint one at a young age with the reliaties of life and death. Nevertheless, the Puritans left behind a spiritual legacy that is both biblical and passionate.

Check out these three messages by Carl Trueman on the spirituality of the Puritans.


case.jess said...


I just purchased "A Body of Divinity" by Thomas Watson and am hoping to work through it in December. Great stuff.

Todd Pruitt said...

That is probably my favorite work of the Puritan era. Tremendous!