Friday, July 31, 2009

When a Concordance Falls into the Wrong Hands

Using a concordance ought to require a license. The following video is just one more sad example of sloppy and kooky biblical exegesis. And as long as it sells there will continue to be an audience for "pin the tail on the anti-Christ."

For some sanity and sound biblical studies check out:
The Man of Sin by Kim Riddlebarger
The Bible and the Future by Anthony Hoekema
Christ and the Future by Cornelius Venema


Bill Legge said...

"pin the tail on the anti-Christ."

I love that game! We played that at my thirtieth birthday, but we used a donkey instead of the real anti-Christ.

Wait a minute.....isn't that the symbol for the Democratic party?

Also love the fact that you were able to incorporate "kooky" into a post. The word is underused.

Todd Pruitt said...

I agree that "kooky" needs to have a more honored place in our lexicon.

Both Republicans and Democrats have produced candidates for anti-Christ. I think a Romanian political leader with a thick, Dracula-like accent is much better suited though.

case.jess said...


You should really ask for my permission before you go posting my videos all over the interweb.

Todd Pruitt said...


When does the book version come out?

case.jess said...


Dr Fuller pronounced the waw consecutive as vav. Dr Gentry pronounces it with the w-sound. Could go either way I presume... Do you know? Furthermore, the Greek word in Luke 10:18 is ouranos, heaven. Correct?

Anywho...this is a great video, if I do say so myself. The book will be hitting shelves as soon as I can get the endorsements to the sponsors. Benny, Creflo, & Dr. Tilton are all in the middle of evangelistic campaigns...

I will keep you posted.