Thursday, July 2, 2009

Sanford is no David

With his typically keen insight Al Mohler comments on the Mark Sanford fiasco...

When Governor Sanford addressed his cabinet just a few days after his confession, he offered an apology to his colleagues and promised to "carry on" as governor. “I wanted generally to apologize to every one of you all, for letting you down,” he said. Of course, "letting you down" hardly covers the behavior that brought the governor to this admission. The governor violated his marital vows, engaged in an elaborate and sickening correspondence with his mistress, abandoned his responsibility as husband and father, and forfeited his right to lead the state which twice had elected him governor.

When speaking to the Cabinet, Governor Sanford referred to the biblical story of King David. The governor spoke of "the way in which he fell mightily -- he fell in very, very significant ways --- but then picked up the pieces and built from there." The governor also suggested that remaining in office would set a good example for his four boys, teaching them to persevere after a fall. The great shame is that the governor did not have his four boys in mind as he committed adultery.

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toothdoc said...

Jon Stewart on "The Daily Show" nailed this a couple of nights ago. Something along the lines of, Christians only go to the Old Testament when they need to get out of bad stuff.

Todd Pruitt said...

Ouch! Hate it when they get it right.