Wednesday, March 11, 2009

More on Stem Cells

Concerning stem cell research there is so much that the public either does not know or about which they are ill informed. Much of this lack of knowledge and disinformation is due to the outrageously slanted coverage in the news media. Politicians have also been typically shameful in their bending of the facts.

Here are some more thoughts on the recent decision by President Obama to begin paying for the destruction of human embryos with taxpayer money:

Obama's False Choice
Science Over All?
Winning Smugly
Obama Also Rescinds Executive Order for Alternatives to ESCR
Stem Cells: A Political History

Many of you may find it interesting that the President rescinded an Executive Order to find alternatives to embryonic stem cell research (4th article). There has been scant if any coverage of this in the main stream media.


Ryan H. said...

These are troubling times. We live in an age too willing to sacrifice ethics for immediate benefit.

Of the articles you posted, I'm particularly a fan of the article (the one marked "Winning Smugly"). I think it frames the debate in a way that is very helpful.

Todd Pruitt said...


I agree.