Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Christian philosopher Doug Wilson and atheist Christopher Hitchens have had a lively debate concerning the existence of God. It has been made into a movie called Collision. Check out the website HERE.

Wilson is one of the most helpful apoligists that I have read. Here are two of his titles:
God Is
The Deluded Atheist


Harley A. said...

Wilson is certainly erudite and probably a good apologist (haven’t read either of the books), but he’s got some goofy theological leanings to the point that the PCA is not a big fan of his. I’ve run across his stuff a lot since he’s one of the trailblazers in the classical Christian education movement.

Todd Pruitt said...

Wilson is one of the leaders in Federal Vision which has been identitified (rightly so I believe) as error by the PCA. To oversimplify, Federal Vision theology seems to collapse or confuse justification and sanctification. That said, Wilson is a terrific writer and first rate appologist.

case.jess said...

Don't forget that his satire is amazing. His has a wit as as sharp as Spurgeon's.

Todd Pruitt said...

Wilson is a gifted writer. His magazine Credenda/Agenda is excellent.