Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Chutzpa on Steroids

Ted Haggard who spent much of his ministry rallying support for conservative political causes now instructs the ignorant masses that the political right is getting it wrong.

Says the newly insightful Haggard:
“Just as the church made a horrible mistake several centuries ago insisting that the earth is flat I think the church may make a major mistake in our generation saying that sexuality should be this and nothing else.”

You can read the entire article from Christian Today HERE.


Mike said...

OK, already know this will not be a popular opinion on this blog but here we go...I am not a fan of Ted Haggard, but what he is criticizing the church about (i.e. the teaching that "sexuality should be this and nothing else.") reflects, foundationally, some of the findings of Kinsey and others...i.e. that sexuality is not as boolean as we would make it out to be...if we accept this as true (and I know Kinsey has his critics) what do we do with that? I don't think the gospel is a blanket cure for all sexual identity issues. How can the gospel have meaning to someone like Ted? I think we need to think hard about this because I don't think the answers are easy.

Todd Pruitt said...


Where to begin?

THE BIBLE SAYS "Sex is THIS and NOT THIS"! Sex is a gift of God for those bound together in marriage. That contemporary society (in every age) does not like that is just one more example of man's striving against what God has said.

Sorry you think Kinsey possesses more wisdom on this than God. Also Mike if you think Kinsey actually had something valuable to say about human sexuality then you need to read a little more on the man and his "study."

I am sorry that homosexual attatchment is a struggle for some. Coveting is a struggle for me. Does that mean I should just indulge in it?

Harley A. said...

Sexual orientation IS either/or – either you follow what God decrees or you don’t. Like any of God’s laws and purposes, none of us perfectly meets the standard. The problem comes when the sinner begins to tell God he’s wrong and his sin is not really sinful. That’s what Haggard, Kinsey, Freud, (and most of the world) would like to do… Mike, I’m not going to put you in that group – I know you know better. Let’s not confuse our compassion for the person who is entrapped by a sin with the notion that maybe God hasn’t thought it through completely. I won’t disagree that there are sinful acts by parents, teachers, priests, society, etc. that can influence and lead another into sin – it’s what makes sin so horrible and destructive - and can continue to be felt through multiple generations. But, His standard remains and is eternal and immutable and very clear in scripture.