Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Al Gore's Misleading Movie

You know the evidence for man-made global warming is bad when even the former vice president turned scientific snake oil salesman changes his alarmist propaganda tool.

Check out the story from The New York Times HERE.


toothdoc said...

So what you are saying is that Al Gore is at least as accurate as Scripture.

Todd Pruitt said...

Al Gore is very errant.

BillPoll said...

Please capitalize the 'very' in "Al Gore is very errant"; but then again I believe he has made over 100 million promoting this errant cause.

Todd Pruitt said...


Bad science has indeed been GOOD business for the former VP.

Alan Thomas said...

Count me out. So he updated the data in a long presentation? That somehow makes him a snake-oil salesman?

I do think that presentation--at least as captured in the movie--does confuse the legitimate scientific basis for climate change with broader, less supported, charges regarding catastrophes.

At worst, Gore could be charged with oversimplification by conflating a group of natural disasters with the "big issues" of climate change.