Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Two More Sundays

I have two more Sundays to preach at Metro East Baptist Church. The thought makes me sad. I am confident however in God's good providence not only in leading me to Church of the Savior but in providing a faithful shepherd for Metro East.

Please pray for both churches during these days of transition.

Currently I am feeling a bit overwhelmed with gratitude. We signed a contract on our home just one week after it was listed. It also appears that God has made possible an oustanding opportunity for our housing in Philly.

It is important to understand that God does not always confirm His will by providing pleasant circumstances. Sometimes following God means following His lead into the valley of the shadow of death. But when, for His own good purposes, God makes our path a happy one then all there is to do is bow low and give Him thanks.


Jan said...

Todd, I'm a COS member and want to say that we're praying for your family and for Metro East. I know that God has great things in store for both congregations. We look forward to welcoming all of you to PA. Despite some deep southern roots, I love it here and would have a hard time moving back south. COS has played no small part in making this area a great place to be. I pray that God will make the rest of your move and your transition here go smoothly.

Todd Pruitt said...


Great to hear from you.

It is a strange mix of emotions. On the one hand we are sad to leave because we love our Metro East family. But God has been gracious to give us an equally great enthusiasm for COS.


Scott said...

Todd, We are thrilled for you guys, but we are really going to miss your wife at Central Christian Academy. She's been a real blessing to the ministry there.
Scott and Laura Kaye

Todd Pruitt said...


Thanks for the kind words. CCA has been a blessing to our family for about 8 years now. We will miss the place and the people.


Noel said...

I'm so glad you were able to sell your house so quickly and have already found housing in Philly! that is wonderful! I pray the transition is a smooth one (Esp. for your daughter...that is such a hard age to start a new school!) Please know, you and your family will be greatly missed. We are very sad to see you go.

Heather Wiens

Todd Pruitt said...


Thanks for rejoicing in our good news. I cannot tell you how much we will miss Metro East. Your family is a blessing to the church.

I am very proud of Kate. Her attitude has really been great. She is sad to go but has expressed her desire for us to be where God leads.



DJ said...

Just want you to know you are a real answer to prayer. I can't wait for you to start at COS.

dwm said...

Todd, Karen and family
I was a friend of Karen's in High school. I had a nondescript dream recently about you guys. The very next day I read here that you were moving to PA. I believe that God was alerting me to pray for you in your journey. May God bless you greatly.