Tuesday, October 14, 2008

David Wells on WHI

Dr. David Wells was recently on the White Horse Inn discussing some of the ideas in his outstanding book The Courage to be Protestant. If you truly desire to understand how the church ought to interact with postmodern culture then read Wells not MacLaren.

You can listen to the program featuring Dr. Wells HERE.
David Wells on emergent spirituality (HERE).
9 Marks interview with David Wells (HERE).

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rmkton said...

Listened to the piece on emergent spirituality and found him to be a very engaging speaker...however like most people that are critical of emergents found it somewhat simplistic...for instance his analogy of the "house vs the journey" analogy (the house representing revealed truth i.e. the Bible and the journey representing the wandering "catch-as-catch-can" spirituality of emergents). I think it is a good analogy because I think what leads people on to this seemingly aimless journey is the house itself. After you have been in it for a while you state to notice the cracks in the ceiling, the warped floors, the fellow dwellers who are less than charitable, the entrance requirements to check your brain at the door, and you start to ask yourself if this is a house worth staying in.