Sunday, October 5, 2008

A Good but Difficult Day

I announced to my church family today that I have accepted a call to be the Senior Teaching Pastor of Church of the Savior in Wayne, Pennsylvania (Philadelphia metro area).

It is a process that began at the first of June and was not finalized until a week ago. Through much prayer, conversation, and reflection I became convinced that the Lord was opening a door through which I was to go. It was far from an easy decision. For nine years I have been blessed to pastor a wonderful people. Metro East has truly been a home for me and my family.

I am confident however that this is the Lord's leading. I will treasure my remaining weeks at Metro East and look forward to how God will bless them in the days ahead.


thatbradguy said...

we'll miss you.

p.s. if you're gonna pastor those nice folks you gotta start spelling "savior" in the olde english fashion.

Todd Pruitt said...

I thought about that. I'll have to move to "colour" as well.


Noel said...

You will be greatly missed.

Noel said...

Will you continue your blog?

Yvonne said...

We are excited you are coming north. We can feel for your current congregation. BTW, I heard you have fond memories of a place in Exton called the Guernsey Cow. Me too!

Noel said...

Hey Todd,

I grew up in Ohio and I can tell you from experience that the winters are bitterly cold, there are too many leaves to rake in the fall, and those Notherners expect you to wear ties every Sunday. :)
(I thought I should at least try to keep you)

Todd Pruitt said...


I actually lived near the church I will be serving when I was a kid. Having moved there from Houston I thought it was great to finally play in the snow. Winter is still my favorite season.

It's been about two years since I have worn a tie every Sunday so that will take some getting used to.

The Guernsey Cow was my favorite place to go. They had the best ice cream. I was grieved when I was told they close a few years ago!

toothdoc said...

You know when you move to the East Coast you are going to start listening to old "retro-rock" music, drink fancy coffee, adopt stray cats, start gardening and talk politics. . .Oh, never mind.

Seriously, blessings to you and Karen and the kids and please, please, please keep the blog going.

We will see you Sunday.

Noel said...

I hope you know I just kidding. I wish you and your family the best!

LongeneckerLD said...


We actually do spell it, Saviour, up here. Perhaps we will have to work in "colour" now too.


Jolly said...

Ric Crowder -

You're going to be at Metro East on Sunday morning?? If so, you've go to sing with me! I was thinking about pulling out "Your Grace Still Amazes Me." It would fit perfect with the other songs I've selected for the congregation. Let me know if you're interested.


toothdoc said...

Let's do it. When do you want to meet Sunday morning?

Jolly said...

Ric -

You'll have to remind me who did what the last time we did this song (7-8 yrs ago???). If you don't want to get together on Saturday to run through it let's meet at 7:15 Sunday morning. Are you ready for three services??


Todd Pruitt said...

Ric and Jason,

Is my blog your own little chat room?


Jolly said...

Todd -

It's actually working quite nicely. Thank you!


toothdoc said...

We figured since you were not responding to any posts, we would. And 7:15 is fine.