Thursday, July 10, 2008

Patriotism in the Pew

Take time to listen to this edition of the Albert Mohler Program. Dr. Russell Moore is the host and his two guests are Mark Dever of Capitol Hill Baptist Church and Stanley Hauerwas of Duke University. The question the program addresses is whether or not patriotic services are appropriate for Christian worship.

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JDunn said...

Very interesting topic. During family festivities over the weekend our various worship services were discussed. Our service was the ONLY one NOT presented as patriotic with loads of special music, etc. Though I noticed this last year (our first year to be at ME for the 4th of July) I honestly did not spend much time thinking about it. Thank you for helping me to think critically; to understand the biblical reasons for keeping the overt patriotism out of the worship service and keeping Christ in His place as the head of the Church. To mature in my faith and understanding of Scripture I need to be prodded regularly. Thank you for providing the prodding.