Friday, July 18, 2008

Gay US bishop heckled in UK

Gene Robinson the openly homosexual Episcopal bishop of New Hampshire was publically denounced recently in London. The slow clapping you hear in the background is not support for the protestor but a way to drown out his calls for repentance.


Brandon said...

I always wonder why people feel the need to heckle members of the gay community. I understand that some Christians understand homosexuality to be a sin but we never see people gathering at the local penitentiary to jeer the sex offenders and murderers there.

case.jess said...

Let there be no confusing between "heckling" and "calling one another to return to the Lord/repentance." In the same vein, sex offenders are not being supported and encouraged in their offenses in the local pen. They are being punished/disciplined by a local government who deems their actions to be criminal and worthy of jail time. There is a vast difference between a guilty criminal arrested for his offense and an openly homosexual bishop in defiance of his denomination and his Lord. Your comment seems to blur the lines where they need to be the sharpest.

Brandon, if I am misunderstanding you, in all fairness and humility please correct me.

Todd Pruitt said...


Gene Robinson is a heretic who has departed from the Christian faith that he professes. He boldly dismisses much of what the Bible says not only about sexual ethics about Jesus Christ.

It was, in my mind, entirely appropriate for this young man to stand up and denounce Robinson who was making a mockery of the place of worship.

It is not about hating Gene Robinson. It is about holding fast to God's Word. The Anglican Communion is divided precisely because theological liberals have forced their unbiblical views upon the entire denomination.

Interestingly, the Anglican communion in Africa, which is growing significantly, just happens to be biblically orthodox. They have also been dismissed and shut out by the dwindling white minority in the United States and the U.K.

Casey makes an important point. No one is bringing sex offenders and murderers into our churches and saying, "You must accept this person's behavior."