Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Internet Baptism

So what do you think?

What does this say about our ecclesiology?


Anonymous said...

I can't put a many words around it right now but, I find this sad.

Unknown said...

I watched the first minute and turned it off. The use of "media" in the church has always been troubling to me. TV Preachers, now Internet Baptisms-it has always seemed so contrived in some way that I cannot explain. Maybe I'm way too old fashioned, but it almost seems like an artificial gospel. Can one be saved, and become a Disciple of Christ without leaving the home? (A rhetorical question to be sure) I may be way off base here, but there are so many in this country that proclaim themselves as "Christians" but do not do anything, I wonder how many of them get their fill of the gospel an hour on TV each Sunday and say "that's enough."

The richness and mystery of the gospel is compromised by things like this. There is something small about experiencing Christianity literally in a box. Again-I may be wrong.