Saturday, March 1, 2014

Should you respond to slander?

I posted some thoughts over at Ref21 on whether or not we should respond to slander. I examine Paul's response to those who slandered him. At times he presented a clear and passionate defense. Other times he did not refute the slander against him. Is there a pattern that we can follow or learn from in Paul? That's what I seek to discern.


David said...

God Bless Now! Thanks for this series Todd. I wonder if you could go into a spin on this a bit in one of your up coming parts. That spin is the congregants’ responsibility in giving or stealing the Joy of the pastor. In what I read in Paul is that the congregations involved did not respond well to the gospel and so they were slanderers and not unified in Christ this was not Pail's problem but the congregation not hearing the gospel. Kind of the Isaiah 6 kind of not listening. If we as congregants’ are to be listening for the gospel then when we hear it will set our hearts a flame for the work of the Lord but if we do not hear the gospel we mumble and should be praying for our leaders I Tim 2:1-8. Much of the mumbling could be that the gospel is missing. What do we as congregants do then?

Todd Pruitt said...

My goal is to do a few more posts on the ways in which pastors are battered. And then my plan is to offer some counsel for 1) Pastors being battered and 2) Churches that have a history of battering pastors.

David said...

Thank you for the response. I look forward to the rest of the posts. God Bless Now!