Monday, June 13, 2011

Michael Horton on "Love Wins"

Michael Horton is one of our brightest theologians. Recently Dr. Horton lectured on Rob Bell's new book "Love Wins." Check it out HERE.


me said...

I honestly am so over all of these charlatans anymore that i could honestly care less. I know thats wrong of me, but I just cannot exhaust anymore attention to these people because for one thats exactly what they want, attention, and secondly thats on them. Thats their fault for straying. Anyone who follows people like that, if they are truly hearing the call from the Lord to follow Him will straighten their paths to the truth of His word. We can only ask that the Lord open the world's eyes and focus on those who are searching not those who have a desire to follow these "earthly-new age-hippy-all encompassing, global unity, collective salvation...etc." crap. I exhaust my efforts encouraging the truly lost and humble ones. Not these egalitarians.

Jared said...

It is really difficult for me to listen to Horton, partially because of his justification centrality and partially because of Tullian championing him for his views on sanctification. I worry I am making too much of these things, but it's hard for me to pull punches when soteriology is concerned.

me said...

Just to be clear I was referring to Rob Bell. I cannot exhaust anymore time on this hippy.

I don't know Michael Horton, so I wasn't talking about him.