Friday, December 3, 2010

"You probably think this Psalm is about you."

How we read and interpret the Bible matters. I know that sounds obvious but it would be hard to estimate the number of serious doctrinal errors that are born from rather simple errors in interpreting the biblical text. I think about the prosperity teaching which is bound up (among other things) in a failure to understand the difference between old covenant promises made to Israel concerning the land and God's promises to his people that are now 'yes' in Christ.

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the latest installment of the White Horse Inn.

According to Michael Horton, an alternative title for this broadcast could be, “You’re so vain, you probably think this psalm is about you.” On this special program recorded live at the Desiring God Conference in Minneapolis, the hosts discuss the predominance of me-centered Bible interpretation. Featuring numerous readings from best-selling evangelical books and devotional guides, the hosts argue that most Christians today are not engaging in proper biblical exegesis, but rather are reading themselves and their own stories into the text of Scripture. Sitting in for Ken Jones for this program is Stephen Nichols, author of Ancient Word, Changing Worlds and Jesus: Made in America.

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