Friday, May 28, 2010

Are the Gospels reliable?

From Trevin Wax:

There are a number of evangelical books on the reliability of the New Testament documents. F.F. Bruce and Craig Blomberg have made contributions in this area. Now, Mark D. Roberts joins these scholars with a book designed to bolster our confidence in the historical reliability of the biblical biographies of Jesus.

Two things set Roberts apart from the other books on this subject. First, Roberts interacts with current scholarship as well as pseud0-scholarship (like Dan Brown’s overactive imagination). Second, Roberts writes pastorally and on a level that any educated layperson could find helpful. He also includes anecdotes and a personal touch (referring to himself in the first person, etc.).

I highly recommend this book for pastors and laypeople who want to know more about the Gospels and why we can trust their accuracy.

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