Thursday, November 12, 2009

Reading Up on the Church

The following are some books that are helpful toward developing a better understanding of the church:

The Church by Edmund Clowney

Life in the Father's House by Mack & Swavely

Priorities for the Church by Donald MacLeod


Farming Family said...

Todd have you ever read Doug Wilson's Mother Kirk? If so what was your take? He touched on so many things that made me go back to the scriptures it took a while to get through it. What about Kevin DeYoungs?

Todd Pruitt said...

I have not read Mother Kirk but have heard good things about it. DeYoung and Kluck's book "Why We Love the Church" is currently on my short list of books to read soon. Likewise, I have heard good things about that book.

Anonymous said...

Dever rules.

Farming Family said...

Thanks Todd,
Both are very good. Both have made me think about what my life in church. I love church and everything about it.

Ryan I agree what a servant.

case.jess said...

Just received Mother Kirk in the mail today. And for $3!

Farming Family...
What were your thoughts on the book and what were some of the more salient points that caused you to search the scriptures again?

Just curious.