Monday, August 31, 2009

Will we be a culture of dignity or death?

Al Mohler raises some very important questions concerning the fate of fertilized human embryos:
For most Americans, the moral status of the human embryo is a question that seems quite remote. Even as hundreds of thousands of "excess" human embryos are now stored in American fertility clinics and laboratories, to most Americans these frozen embryos are out of sight and out of mind. Thus, one of the most important moral challenges of our day remains largely off the screen of our national discourse. The issue cannot remain out of sight or out of mind for long.

Indeed, for hundreds of thousands of couples (and in many cases, just individuals) this crucial moral question grows more difficult to ignore by the day. For those whose progeny are now frozen in fertility clinics, the "disposition decision" will eventually have to be made. The decision about the eventual disposition of these human embryos will reveal what these couples truly believe about human dignity and the sanctity of human life. On the larger landscape, the pattern of these decisions and the policies adopted by medical practitioners will reveal the soul of our culture as well.

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Also, check out Choosing Thomas. It is the deeply moving story of how T.K. and Deidrea Laux decided to treat their unborn child Thomas with dignity after discovering he had a fatal genetic anomaly. You can also read Deidrea's journal which helps explain their journey.

In a related story, the VA website still carries a link to "Your Life, Your Choices" which can realistically be called a "death book." It prompts wounded and elderly veterans to consider whether or not their lives are truly worth living. It also asks them to consider whether or not they are too much of a financial burden. This is truly scandalous. Check out this story from the Wall Street Journal.


quilt-n-mama said...

Pastor Todd,
Thank you for sharing this on your blog. Having walked with road with several couples during our residency years and through perinatal hospice, the story of Thomas bought lots of tears today and lots of memories that God blessed Shawn and I with opportunity to know an love, even for a short while. Their lives were precious and valuable, they were beautiful creations of our Heavenly Father and their lives counted and touched so many people. Sometimes we think life only matters if we accomplish great things, if we have great knowledge, wealth, etc. Yet Jesus made mention of the children and it is some of those little lives that have impacted eternity beyond what we will ever understand.
Thank you again!
Shawn & Gayly Conard

Todd Pruitt said...


Great to hear from you. It was a sobering privilege to take part in several perinatal hospice situations through Choices Medical Clinic. It's a wonderful thing to see those parents walk with a clean conscience, knowing they treated their beloved little one with dignity.

Best to you and your family!