Monday, August 3, 2009

Sunday's Sermon

Yesterday's message was part 11 in the series through Hebrews - "Strive to Enter God's Rest" (Heb. 4:6-11). You can download or listen to it HERE.


Bill Legge said...

If I had a nickel for every sermon I've heard in which the pastor references hamster kicking I'd be off in the French Riviera, chuckling at this notion of recession.

Speaking of imperatives, if you are going to kick a hamster that little ball is an imperative, should you wish to do it more than once.

Let the PETA insanity commence.

Todd Pruitt said...

I have to keep my cruelty to animals a secret.

Bill Legge said...

Looks like you let the cat out of the bag, figuratively speaking, of course.