Friday, April 24, 2009

Is this really a parody?

Tominthebox is a parody blog that posts on subjects that relate to contemporary Christianity. This post was so close to the truth that I wondered for a moment if it was truly a parody.


Noel said...

Not a parody...seriously, I've been dragged to such a conference and this is really what they are about. I was SO bored that I read the notes in my John MacArthur study Bible instead of listening to the vast array of cute stories by well dressed women promoting their books. Ug! :( I've got a complementary pink tote to prove it! I'll send it your way...Maybe Karen would like it!

Todd Pruitt said...

I'm starting a museum of "Christian kitch". I already have the "Your Best Life Now" board game (I'm not kidding). That pink tote could be the perfect addition.