Friday, April 4, 2008

What makes Christian music "Christian"?

Some interesting thoughts from Brent Thomas on Christian music and why so much junk is peddled under that banner.

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Noel said...

So...are you suggesting we just stop listening to music altogether because 90% of the secular music does not have content that I want in my head, and the rest I hate. Soemtimes I just want a good song with a hard beat. Does that have to be steeped in theology? I used to go to secular concerts where the songs glorified everything lustful, and now I go to "christian" concerts and can enjoy the same kind of music, yet it's clean. Is that wrong? I don't go to hear a sermon on predestination, I went to have fun; fun that wouldn't compromise my morals or pollute my mind. I'm not advocating these songs be in church;a place of worship. But for me personally...why not?