Monday, April 21, 2008

The Dishonesty of Caricatures

Tom Ascol has posted some important thoughts on pastor Steve Gaines recent chapel message at Criswell College. Caricature is the playground of the dishonest, intellectually lazy or both. Brothers in Christ ought to have the decency to not misrepresent the beliefs of others.


Harley A. said...

What is most telling to me is Gaines' use of the beggar analogy. What he (I assume) doesn't understand is that the Bible doesn't characterize us as poor beggars who CAN reach out and take anything. It characterizes us as DEAD in our sins. He misses the point completely and shows a fundamental misunderstanding of the doctrines of sovereign grace.

Todd Pruitt said...


Exactly right. Gaines and others refuse to see those outside of Christ as truly unable to help themselves. They invision lost man as treading water well enough that they can grab and hold on to a life preserver. But this is not at all the biblical doctrine of man. Unregenerate man is not only unable but unwilling as well. If my salvation us ultimately up to my willingness and ability then we need to totally rewrite the Bible beginning with Abram.

threegirldad said...

On the subject of being "dead in sins," there's some research that the two of you are apparently unaware of.