Friday, January 18, 2008

Known by the company you keep

"Truth or Consequences" posted this troubling news: ( Schuller has long been heterodox. He denies the uniqueness of Christ and His exclusive claims as the only way to the Father. He denies what Scripture teaches about sin, salvation, the cross, and a whole host of essential doctrines. What troubles me is the long line of popular "evangelicals" who line up to speak at his events. I am sure he pays quite well. Bill Hybels, Rick Warren, John Maxwell, etc. all endorse Schuller.

Any thoughts?

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Noel said...

Schuller is very dangerous. He says very little Sunday mornings on the "hour of Power" but when he writes, or has conferences he proves Himself to be a heretic. On his website he has posted a speech which he delivered at the Islamic convention in 1999. The title of the speech is "Common Ground." Here is just one alarming portion of it:

"Since my experience in Gabon, I have learned of the common ground shared by true Christians and Muslims in the practice of their faith. I learned that we believe in and are submitted and committed to the same God, the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Ishmael! The God who created us and the world we live in as revealed in Surah 7:54:"

Anyone who claims Christians worhsip the same God as the muslims is a blasphemous heretic. There is more where that came from; I just shared one small portion. He has incriminated himself with his own words. If you want to read the entire speech go to the following link:

Or go to
then click on "help for you"
then click on "Spiritual guidance"
and you will see "Common Ground" posted there.