Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Christians and Muslims Together?

John Piper offers this MUCH needed response to "A Word Between Us and You." For those of you unfamiliar with the document, it is an attempt between prominent Christians to forge common ground with Muslims. However, their approach is quite troubling. Piper's response is a good primer on how Christians should engage Muslims.

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Noel said...

I believe Robert Schuller should listen to Piper's wise words. Schuller has a speech posted on his website entitled "Common Ground." He delivered this speech while at an Islamic Convention in 1999. Here is just one troubling portion of it:

"Since my experience in Gabon, I have learned of the common ground shared by true Christians and Muslims in the practice of their faith. I learned that we believe in and are submitted and committed to the same God, the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Ishmael! The God who created us and the world we live in as revealed in Surah 7:54:"

Keep in mind, this is only one portion, not the whole thing. It is deeply troubling that he is so misled and is still leading others.

Here's how to read the whole speech if you're interested:

go to
click on "Help for You"
Click on "Spiritual Guidance"
click on "Common Ground"

It's ironic that it's located under the heading of spiritual guidance.