Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Silliness from Missouri Baptists

Tom Ascol over at Founders links to an article (Missouri Baptists axe Acts 29) about a recent decision by the Missouri Baptist Convention to refuse support to any Southern Baptist church plants that are connected to the Acts 29 Network. Acts 29 is a church planting ministry originating from Mars Hill Church in Seattle under the leadership of Mark Driscoll.

This, I believe, is a digression into parochialism at a time when we should be partnering with other kingdom minded Christians who are committed to advancing the Gospel and sound doctrine.


casebo said...


You must be online RIGHT NOW eh?

casebo said...

Have you read anything on why the folk in Missouri are hating on the Acts29 guys?

From what I have researched about Acts29, they seem pretty solid. Not to mention that every single church they've planted, with one exception, is still in existence (the one that is not has merged with another Acts29er).

Todd Pruitt said...

The Acts 29 Network, while solidly evangelical and evangelistic does not insist on abstinence from alcohol. The observant reader will conclude, "Neither does Scripture." Ah, but that's the rub. Southern Baptists are largely champions of total abstinance from alchohol. There is no scriptural warrant for this but it reminds us of our historic ties to old school Wesleyan, Nazarine, and holiness traditions. This total abstinance stand is hardwired in Southern Baptist life.

If God had just known how bad alcohol consumption of any kind was then He would have placed a ban on it. There wouldn't be any of that positive talk about wine in the Bible ("makes glad the heart," good for the stomach, etc.).

The Acts 29 Network is an outstanding church planting ministry fully endorsed by the SBC's Ed Stetzer and partnered with the North American Mission Board of the SBC. But many within the leadership of the Missouri Baptist Convention will refuse to partner with an evangelical who has a glass of wine while, at the same time endorsing whole-heartedly the theological sloppiness of the church-growth gurus.

It is a dangerous thing when Christians try to be more godly than Jesus.

casebo said...


Are we getting together sometime soon?

Also...great response to your own post. That's one issue that scares me about the SBC.

casebo said...

Not my question, but a good one nontheless:

"Have we really come to the point as a denomination that we encourage muscle-men power teams to come and blow up hot water bottles and break bricks over their heads, but we cannot condone what basically amounts to a Francis Schaeffer approach to cultural engagement with the lost? Acts 29 doesn’t walk on water, but at least there is a serious-minded approach to the gospel that leaves the buttons, balloons, and baloney in the dust."

Lance said...

Thought you guys might want to know that we (www.shapevine.com) will be doing a live (free) videocast interview with Darrin Patrick, who is a VP of Acts29 and lead pastor of The Journey, in St. Louis. His church is the one that this all started with. The videocast will be on
Tuesday, Dec 18th at 2:30p CST
Lance Ford