Saturday, December 1, 2007

Abortion Question

LTI posts this great question to ask all the "pro-choice" presidential candidates(Next Democrat Debate [SK]).

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Megahertz said...

Personally, I think that this is a great question that should be asked. But why ask this to just a candidate? Why not ask ourselves the same thing? I have found over the years that in the Christian faith, too many times, the abortion topic is surfaced over and not dug into. I have met many Christians who support “Pro-Choice”. In this matter I say let us change the word. If you were to look up what the root of the word Abortion is; in latin, aborior, simply means “To appear Away”, or in a verb form “Fail”. But if you were to look up and read the defining procedures used to “Fail” a pregnancy, or what a woman “chooses” to “Appear Away” from, it is simply murder. So in all practicality one should re-phrase and ask themselves or their candidate “Why is it ok to support murder of the innocent?”. And simply, the answer is, “It is NEVER ok.”