Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Mortification of Spin

On this week's Mortification of Spin, Carl, Aimee, and I are joined by Rachel Miller to discuss the Patriarchy movement.
Join a provocative conversation with Rachel Miller, editor and writer for the Aquila Report, as she enlightens us about the patriarchy movement, its driving forces, and its many dangers that have gone under the radar in reformed circles. It's all talk about headship, gender roles, and the Duggars. Listen to the team tackle sinister elements of the movement and how to approach it from a pastoral perspective. They laugh, they pry, they get serious.

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Rob said...

Thought this was a good broadcast, as I've seen aspects of this in some churches previously. I'm thinking more than this issue it's the issue of Christians and public school that will be the big issue in coming years as more and more parents realize the secularizing influence of government schools.