Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Making a spectacle of ourselves...

This is what Carl has to say about the latest Mortification of Spin: Bully Pulpit:
In this remarkable age, where emoting in public comes as standard, where all disagreement is taken personally and requires online histrionics, and where the boundaries between public and private have been eroded to all but nothing, we ask about the role of social media in all of this.  We also speculate on the connection between living lives as public, online spectacles on Facebook and Twitter and the nature of pornography.  And we contrast the approach to public and private in the lives of Martin Luther and John Owen.  Not bad for two grumpy old-ish men and a girl in just over ten minutes.


Natalie said...

[I have not yet listened to the episode that this blog post is specifically about, but I looked all over the MoS site for a contact address/form and couldn't find one. I hope it is forgiveable that I used the comment form here to write a more general comment...]

My husband and I recently became members of a wonderful OPC church, after moving to our current area. We have attended/been members of reformed churches in the past, but it is only recently that the concept of infant baptism has really started weighing on my mind. I grew up in churches where "adult" (and even full-immersion) baptism was taught, and infant baptism was not done. I was baptised as an adult, and the experience (and discussion with my then-pastor about it) was immensely valuable to my understanding and faith. My husband was baptised as an infant (as was the practice in his denomination growing up, followed by a confirmation as a young teen), but in later adulthood changed some of his opinions about it.

Now we belong to a congregation that teaches infant baptism, and I am confused! I've heard our pastor's explanation of it, which was the best I've heard so far, but especially now (as I am pregnant with my 2nd child), I still am not convinced. While I know this isn't a "make it or break it" sort of doctrine, I would really like to understand. I was wondering if I might humbly suggest it as a topic for a MoS discussion-- I would especially be interested to hear about your thoughts as a former Baptist (and Amy's, since I just discovered she also has a Baptist background) since you were likely first trained with the same ideas about baptism as I was.

I'm not sure whether you take suggestions for discussion topics, but I appreciate your considering this. Thanks so much.

Todd Pruitt said...

That's a great suggestion Natalie. As a recently converted and now thoroughly convinced paedo-baptist I know the struggle coming to that point. So I'll be Carl and Aimee would be totally on board with an episode dealing with that.

Also, check out Daniel Hyde's excellent little book on the subject "Jesus Love the Little Children."

Natalie said...

Thanks so much! (And so, so sorry, Aimee, for misspelling your name!!!!)