Sunday, April 15, 2012

The Constant Reader

This month, Eerdmans is set to release a book attacking the doctrine of the Scripture's inerrancy. It is surely well written and accessible to the well-read layman. If the author holds to the positions in his previous book and articles for Biologos (all of which attacked the trustworthiness of the Bible) then this new volume will cause unsuspecting readers to question and perhaps even reject the Bible as God's Word.

With that in mind I would like to recommend to you a selection of books which affirm the Bible's trustworthiness as the very Word of God.

The Doctrine Of The Word Of God by John Frame

The Inspiration And Authority Of The Bible by B. B. Warfield

Do Historical Matters Matter To Faith? Hoffmeier & Magary editors

Words Of Life by Timothy Ward

The Erosion Of Inerrancy by Greg Beale

The Infallible Word Stonehouse & Woolley editors

The God-Breathed Scriptures by E. J. Young

The Trustworthiness Of God Trueman & Helm editors


Jeff and Karen said...

Thanks for the post. We meet up with this debate more and more often and it is a discouraging one. It will be great to have to list to use and to share.

Todd Pruitt said...

The battle over the trustworthiness of God's Word has been going on since the garden - "Did God really say?"

Kent Sparks said...
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Todd Pruitt said...

Sorry to my last commentor. We only promote books that hold the Bible in high esteem. I understand that you do not believe large portions of the Bible. I understand that you believe Jesus erred and made mistakes (a diminished doctrine of Scriputre always leads to a diminished doctrine of Christ). And you have means by which you may advance your ideas. But I would rather not provide that platform here.