Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Thinking like a church plant...

Brandon Levering has written a thoughtful post on how established churches can think like church plants. He offers five ways:

1. Church plants clearly define their mission and keep it before them in everything they do.

2. Church plants feel an acute sense of urgency to engage in evangelism.

3. Church plants tend to better understand the culture they’re engaging.

4. Church plants use a wider portion of the congregation in service.

5. Church plants are more likely to think strategically about planting more churches.
Read the whole post HERE.

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Dana said...

Brandon Levering was a leader in the Navigators group at my college (1200 miles from here), until he left for seminary. I've always known him to be well-read, well-researched, and rock solid in his analysis. Next time I'm in the Boston area, will definitely have to stop by his church. What a small world! Thanks for posting.